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Enabling and the Homeless-Part One

Some are concerned about Burien enabling the homeless or addicts. There is a big difference between helping and enabling. Providing food and clothing to a human being in need is much different than providing money and not holding them accountable for behavior.

enabling Burien homeless

Enabling and the Homeless Part Two

Providing food, clothing, medical and dental assistance, housing options is not enabling the homeless and addicts in Burien. It actually brings hope and can empower them to get help and change.

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Enabling and the Homeless-Part Three

What are you doing and supporting? Enabling or Empowering the Homeless?

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Crime and the Homeless

Is there crime associated with the homeless in Burien? Absolutely!! Is it everyone? Absolutely not. Are there ways to reduce crime among the homeless? Absolutely!

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Ed-Homeless Addict to Transformed Life

Through the power of God a law breaking, homeless, meth addict can be transformed.