Vince O’Neill


I am a data analyst by profession and work at the Gates Foundation, where I have done some work with regional family homelessness data.

Your Concerns Regarding Homeless
The current situation is lose-lose for both the homeless and the Burien community. There is insufficient help for those struggling to find housing, and needing help with other issues, and in the meantime the community has to deal with the adverse impacts of a growing homeless population with nowhere to go. Both groups are human beings who deserve dignity and respect, and a voice in their future.

What Do You Believe are Some Solutions
Focus more assistance (financial and advocacy) on those who are at risk of becoming homeless before they actually are.

Identify the sub-groups within the homeless population instead of talking about all homeless people as a group. Only then will it be possible to create appropriate, targeted strategies.

I believe a day center than allows the homeless to easily access the various non-profit and government support available, and provides an alternative to loitering in public areas, would be an excellent start.

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