Thomas Gudmestad


I have a 40 year career as a Firefighter/EMT and Paramedic with King County Medic One. Volunteer at Highline Food Bank and Transform Burien. My biggest concern regarding the homeless situation is the impact of litter, cleanliness, and the safety and security of our comunity.

I believe the following contributes to homelessness:
Addiction (alcohol & Drugs), Mental Illness, Poverty-some of the poverty is by choice-freedom from rules & regulations. Entitlement-Taking advantage of free goods and services.

I believe some of the best ways to address the homeless situation is Accountability, Discipline, Funding from public services.

Possible Solutions to Homelessness:
A 24/7 “service center” facility for clothes. food, laundry, showers, counseling, entertainment. Possibly with some beds/dorms and small amount of parking for people living in vehicles.

I believe the measuring stick to determine if a solution is successful is:

  • A questionnaire to the homeless for suggestions-what do they think will work for them.
  • A questionnaire to service volunteers for feedback
  • A questionnaire to local merchants for feedback
  • A social media site to gather information and to distribute information

I am committed to do what I can do to be part of the solution.

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