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Burien Homelessness Think Tank
Richard D. Dover (Rich) is the founder of the Burien Homelessness Think Tank, and the current organizer. The Burien Homlessness Think Tank currently is not a formalized, structured organization. It is in its beginning stages and we have no idea what it will become.  It currently is just a loose knit group of Burien area residents and business people that what to do something about the homeless situation in the Burien area. The word just is actually not a correct term since just residents and business people can do amazing things when they unite together for their community. Learn more.

Richard D. Dover Bio
Rich has worked with people with addictions, mental illness, and many other issues for over 25 years. He has been involved in small group ministry, jail & prison ministry, street ministry, police chaplaincy, community development, pastoral counseling,  sober living housing, radio and TV ministry. Outside of the ministry Rich has been an operations manager in the retail and service industry. He has also held other management positions over the years.

Rich currently is the Senior Pastor of Seattle Open Door Church in Burien, Executive Director of Fairhaven House, TV host of There is Hope TV, and a board member of Transform Burien.

The Start Up of the Burien Homelessness Think Tank
Rich had noticed that over the last several months there was more and more ongoing frustration among Seattle residents and specifically Burien residents regarding the homelessness situation in our area. The frustration has led to anger, finger pointing, and venomous words spoken. This has come from those who are extreme advocates for the homeless and from those who just want all the homeless gone. This especially has occurred in social media. There has been much more grumbling, complaining, and anger than any effort spent in trying to find solutions and implement them. Those who are wanting solutions, at times have an ‘my way is the only way that will work’ mindset which becomes divisive.

Rich himself has had frustration. After years of working with a variety of individuals that have many issues, including the homeless, he has seen an abundance of money wasted on programs that are not effective for some people, a lack of holding agencies or the homeless accountable, and the addiction, mental illness, and homelessness situation get worse instead of better. Plus the reality that there is a segment of the population that want to be homeless. Some of the programs that he has seen have more success are limited by lack of funds, while other programs are rejected because they have a spiritual component. Even though Rich believes in his own heart what can be successful programs (he strongly believes in the spiritual component), he realizes that there can be multi-faceted solutions to the homelessness issues in King County and specifically Burien. He realized that he can either be frustrated and burned out or help unite people together to look at the factors and causes of homelessness and to join people together to work on a variety of solutions for the homeless situation.

Instead of trying to do something on his own or ‘throwing in the towel’ Rich decided to see if others in Burien would be interested in addressing the homeless problem that is in Burien. Looking for individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and political/religious beliefs, who could relate to each other in a civil manner, desire to learn from each other,  and willing to put some time, energy, and money into making a difference in Burien. Realizing that we will in no way prevent all homelessness in Burien, but we certainly can make a dent in the problem, and maybe go as far as setting an example for residents in other communities who can make a dent in their own community. It turns out there are Burien residents and businesses that are willing to look for solutions and implement them rather than just complain. For now we are calling this loose knit group the Burien Homelessness Think Tank.

How about joining with us to Make a Difference in Burien. Learn more.

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