Pamela Staeheli


My biggest concern regarding the homeless is the trash and the animals in the camps. I worked on rescuing over 75 cats in a green belt by Airport Way and I-5. At that time no one up there wanted to be in a home. They were building structures, gotta wonder where they were getting all the building materials.

What Do You Believe are Some of the Solutions:

  • The only solution is if one is an addict, getting and staying sober. Housing until that is addressed, sadly I do not see as a solution. Tiny houses are a band aid.
  • The ones that do NOT want a “home”, well they should not be allowed to camp anywhere, polluting precious greenbelts and streams. Keep them moving.

Experiences/Expertise/Skills that Might Help with Working with the Homeless

  • When Nicklesville existed at Highland park and West Marginal. I went there to hire a few women for my housecleaning business. Now since the camp was required to back ground checks, none of the women had records(supposedly) I was still willing to give them a job to help. While one was in recovery/sober for a 3 years, had kids, the others down on her luck. I gave them an opportunity. All I can say it did not work out well. My business suffered greatly.
  • I even invited a married couple who was sober into my MIL and well, it just went down hill from there.
  • I took baked goods from a bakery I was cleaning, I showed up at the camp, and NO ONE greeted me. I yelled Hi, and no one acknowledged me, I just left 5 bags of FRESH bread and sweets there. I never went back.
  • Do not get me started on all the animals in that camp. A moma cat DIED while giving birth. NO that does NOT work for me. Then there was another couple who was able to get an apartment in Burien, well their dogs HAD PUPPIES. How do people who are homeless afford animals to have puppies or kittens. Well they sell them for drug. YES there are options to get these animals to get fixed for free.

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