Doug L.


In the past I have been a UPS driver and construction worker. Because of my alcoholism I have made bad choices and spent time in prison. I am currently homeless.

I believe one of the reasons of the ongoing growth of homelessness in the area is because for years the homelessness issue was not truly addressed. There needs to be the decision to do something. Doing something is better than nothing.

What Contributes to Homelessness?
Divorce, addiction, loss of employment, mental illness, no God relationship.

As a homeless person I absolutely support day shelters that have showers, laundry facilities, meals. I am homeless but I work day labor jobs. 50% of my income is garnished for child support. Needless to say it is almost impossible because of my criminal record and garnishment to be able to rent a place to stay. Also, because of my gross income I am unable to get food stamps. Thus it is very helpful for me to have places where I can get a meal. Also, to keep my work going I need to be able to laundry my clothes and bathe. Many of the shelters I stay at are just churches without facilities. You come in at 8pm and go out at 6pm. It’s nice to be able get off work, get a meal, get a shower, and then go to where I am going to sleep at night.

I absolutely believe that homeless people should be held accountable for their behavior. To be very honest, it at times is hell staying at some night shelters because some allow people to come in drunk or high, some have people with extreme mental illness, there is much drama. I understand why some individuals would rather sleep in the woods than be around all this.