Dean Gruver


I have been a Burien resident since 1948. graduated from Highline High School in 1966. US Navy veteran. U of W Graduate (Asian Languages and Literature).

My Concerns Regarding Homeless
I’ve seen homeless people panhandling, hauling their belongings in carts, and sleeping in doorways in Burien. Not only is this degrading to the individuals who are homeless, but it also degrades the community in which they live. We need to find solutions to the homeless problem to get the unfortunate back on their feet and to enhance the safety and security of all our residents and businesses.

Solutions to the Homeless Problem
I believe it will take interaction with homeless individuals to determine what their problems are and how we can help them overcome those problems. We need to find resources for individuals who may simply need a job, help conquering an addiction, or mental health issues, and above all food and shelter.

I am interested in doing what I can to work on the homeless problem.