20 years experience as a case manager with low income families

Concerns Regarding Homeless
Inefficient use of public/private funds to address homelessness. There also seems to be an avoidance of prevention measures. Not enough case management.

I believe lack of employment, depression, criminal history, and lack of family support contributes to homelessness.

I believe there should be more engagement with the homeless via community forums to better address the homeless situation,

What Do You Believe are Some Solutions
Case management leading to the acceptance of services already available to homeless or “on the verge of homeless” persons. Work on the employment challenges for those with a criminal history. Support Groups for the homeless, the working poor.

I believe some of the ways to measure success is when both sides of the spectrum (the homeless and the Burien community) work together on solutions. Success is also measured by any tiny ‘miracle’.

What I Am Willing To Do
Market resources, train case managers, facilitate support groups.