I have been working at  Transform Burien for 3 years now. Here is my opinion.

Homeless come to TB and get food several days a week. They can get some food from the pantry, clothes and dinner.
1. Some are so lazy they won’t go to the laundry to clean their clothes cleaned even though provided soap and coins.
They just get new clothes weekly and discard the dirty clothes at the side of the road.
2. Begging is a problem and some earn $50 for an hr begging at 152nd and 1st Ave.
3. Drugs and alcohol and mental illness are a big problem.
4. Speaking directly to the homeless is a way to start. About 188 come each week to transform Burien.
5. There are jobs in Burien but some have criminal records which keep them from getting a job and some are just lazy.
6. I spoke to a couple that were clean and told me they don’t want to pay taxes or live at an address. They also do the rounds to the food banks and get their needs met.
7. I wish I knew how to solve the problem. Seattle can’t even help the tent cities, how can we.
8. Thanks for all you are doing to help. Many of us have been robbed and broken into by the homeless or so the police say it was them that they don’t want the homeless to stay in the area. The police blame Transform Burien for bringing the homeless to Burien. I’m not so sure they aren’t correct.