hope homeless

Solution-Hope for the Homeless, Example One

You want to Make a Difference? Have a meal with a homeless person. Great way to give hope which creates an atmosphere for positive change.

spiritual solutions

Stop Ignoring Spiritual Solutions

If we as a society want solutions to the addiction, homeless, mental health problems of Burien it must stop ignoring spiritual solutions that have evidenced based success.

no partisanship

Political Partisanship is Not Answer

Forget about solutions to the addict/homeless/mental illness problem in Burien, King County, Washington State, or the nation as long as there is political partisanship.

helping homeless

One Person Helping the Homeless

Many complain about the homeless problem. Many claim to have solutions. But few do anything. And few put their money to their mouth. But one Burien resident is doing something.

solutions to high rent

Citizens Helping Prevent Homelessness in Burien

Burien residents have the ability to give hope to those facing homelessness or living in a shelter.

affordable housing for women

Low Income Housing for Women-Update

Fairhaven House, an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church, helping women in the Seattle area who are in need of low income housing.

stop homelessness burien

Stop Homelessness in Burien

Too many Burien residents complain about the homeless problem in Burien but do little to help prevent people from being homeless. Why here is a way to help at least some families from being homeless.

addixction housing

Addiction and Housing

More funds should be spent on helping those coming out of addiction treatment to obtain low cost housing than all the money spent on enabling the homeless who do not want to change.

solutions to high rent

Exorbitant Rent Increase-Solutions

There may not be solutions to exorbitant rent increases in Burien but we at least need to look at options.

exorbitant rent increases

Exorbitant Rent Increases Cause Homelessness in Burien

Exorbitant Rent Increases Cause Homelessness in Burien One of the ways to deal with the homeless issue in Burien is...