Stop Ignoring Spiritual Solutions

spiritual solutionsStop Ignoring Spiritual Solutions

As long as there are those who are  involved in finding solutions to the addiction, homeless, and mental illness issues in Burien and surrounding areas ignore, or have a disdain to the concept of spirituality, these community challenges will not be ‘solved’. It is not helpful when there is a total nonacceptance of the spiritual component of some of the issues individuals are facing. It is absolutely dysfunctional to deny the benefits that can come through the spiritual component.

One does not have to be a person of faith, a Christian, to support the spiritual component. They can just come to a place to accept that people of faith do much to help individuals to overcome addiction, homelessness, and mental health problems. There are many Christian organizations that are devoted to help such people. They actually are doing something instead of just grumbling about the problem. They help provide food, clothing, housing. They work with other organizations that provide, medical, dental, mental health, employment, and legal services. They believe in a whole-person approach solution.

The truth is there are many individuals who have gone through Christian Recovery programs that are totally transformed individuals.

The good news is that more and more governmental agencies are seeing the benefit of working with faith based organizations. Instead of being caught up in the separation of Church and State debate, they recognize that faith based programs have success in helping individuals to change their life. The challenge is when the progressive/liberal mindset so strongly influences government that faith based organizations are seen as a threat than a benefit. The ‘fear’ of anything related to a God concept causes there to be a disdain for anything spiritual.

The other problem is when individuals see giving people hope by providing them services is a form of enabling. Providing the basic necessities of life is not enabling, it is called being compassionate and creating an atmosphere for hope. Without hope there is no change.

The truth is when individuals who have lifelong dysfunctional issues in their life embrace the concept of something greater than themselves they stop relying upin their own strength. They start seeking help.


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