Homeless Motor Homes

homeless motor homes

Homeless Motor Homes
Seattle-the Land of Fools

This is going to be one of my more direct, in your face, posts. Why? Because I don’t care to see this foolishness to take place in Burien. I don’t normally post on subjects using Progressive/Liberal or Conservative labeling. Mainly because people on both sides of the political spectrum have concerns and desire solutions regarding homelessness, mental illness, and addiction issues in our community of Burien. Also because someone can be of a certain persuasion politically and not always agree with someone of the same political persuasion.  So this post will be an exception.

Just a few days ago there was a proposal within the Seattle City Council to make it legal for motor homes to park on the streets of Seattle for as long as they want. With the concept that this helps solve the homeless problem. This is one more evidence of the absolute lunacy of the ‘Progressive’ Seattle City Council. Total lunacy. It started with tents on sidewalks, under bridges, in parks, everywhere in Seattle. Then the City spends thousands, wants taxpayers to pay millions, to try and fix all the associated problems. Now there are those on the Seattle City Council that think the solution is motor homes all over the streets of Seattle. Think about it. They tried having them park in designated areas and it was a disaster so now they want the motor homes to park all over neighborhoods in Seattle that already have horrific parking problems for residents.

My concern is that there are some in Burien who lean very liberal and ‘Progressive’. It is not progress to let motor homes with homeless people parking on the streets. This is going backwards. Just imagine what little Burien would be like if this happened in our community. If it became legal for motor homes to park as long as they want on the street then ultimately it will become legal for junk vehicles to be on the street. You can be assured in Seattle that if this becomes legal, people will start filing civil cases that charging for parking should be illegal. It may not happen but the City of Seattle will be spending money to counter this law suits.

Think about it. Junk motor homes taking up the very limited parking spaces. Exactly where is their gray water and sewage going? Local residents going to have the opportunity of sleeping with the nice hum of generators running and the sweet smell of weed in the air. Drug deals, stolen bicycles, the list goes on. Will this be for ALL motor home owners. No. Not all homeless living in motor homes are drug addicts and thieves. But there are those who are that ruin it for everyone else. That is a reality.

I wish I could say unbelievable but in Seattle nothing is unbelievable. But don’t worry. In a few months in will become a total disaster and then the City will ask its home owners and businesses to pay more taxes to fix the associated problems. Hopefully Burien government officials learn from the mistakes of other city leaders, not repeat them.

Sarcasm with a Purpose
But hey it is great for the Seattle Tourism Industry. Come visit Seattle so you can see the garbage pit tent encampments and see all the thrashed motor homes along the streets of Seattle. Come see piles of trash, people defecating and urinating on the street corner, motor homes dumping their sewage on city streets. Wait Seattle Tourism Council. Don’t promote Seattle yet. Wait for the Seattle Heroin Shooting Galleries to arrive so you can draw more crowds. The good news is Ride the Duck’s business is going to overflow!!! Every tourist coming to Seattle will want to take a Ride the Duck tour of Seattle.

Hey don’t fly into Seattle on your vacation. Just come with your motor home and park on the street for free. Be sure to bring your run down falling apart motorhome. There is a high demand for them in Seattle. Then just leave your motor home for the homeless and fly out of town.

Oh BTW I see good business for drug dealers. Roll up with your drug loaded motor home filled up with Narcan Nasal Spray (if you run out, just get some from King County Metro Police-they all have it on them.) Just park on the side of the road, provide whatever drug is desired by local addicts. Why should they have to walk all over trying to meet up with you when you can park all over the city and open up shop? Why not be in competition with the Seattle Shooting Galleries? Come to your customers. If they OD, just give them Narcan, drop them of at their motor home or tent and go the next street. By the time your done for the day, bring in the second shift and go back to the Narcan revived clients. Just have a runner with you to knock on the motor home doors and ask them what the want. Of course, not all the motor home residents are drug addicts but you should be able to find some new customers, be sure to offer them a flyer that there is Narcan in your rolling drug warehouse. It would be a good idea to make sure the smell of weed is coming from your motor home. It’s low cost advertising.

Seattle Police make sure you spend your time giving tickets to illegal lemonade stands. Those kids operating without a business license need to be taught a lesson.

Welcome to Seattle-The Land of Fools

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