Collaboration-Working Together Regarding Homelessness

collaboratio homelessnessCollaboration-Working Together Regarding Homelessness
Coming up with solutions regarding the Burien Homeless problem.

Needless to say there is a homeless problem in the small town of Burien. Needless to say it will only get worse if solutions are not implemented. In the current climate in Burien it seems that there is more concern to choose sides on the issue based upon political beliefs; to make those who believe differently as an enemy (or some go as far as making them evil); to swing the pendulum one way or the other; to see law enforcement and jail as the main solution, or to make enforcing the law as inhumane; to spew hate and venom instead of being part of the solution. Many wanting to totally ignore the spiritual component of homelessness and refusing to accept there are spiritual solutions to the homelessness problem. Some thinking the government is the ultimate answer. Others not wanting government involved at all. None of these extreme approaches are going to be very effective. Residents fighting against each other instead of being part of the solution. Opinions more important than looking at may and does work.

If we are going to see some positive changes in regards to the homelessness problem in Burien we ALL are going to need to start collaborating together. We ALL are going to need to become more mature, more open, more concerned about solving the problem than political agendas. What would happen if residents, businesses, churches, government agencies, non-profits, and the homeless worked together in finding solutions to the Burien homelessness issue. What if they worked together to work on some of the root causes of the homeless problem? Instead of the focus being on emergency response, more focus on Prevention and Support.

Collaboration does not mean letting go of convictions and opinions regarding how to solve the homeless problem. What it means is sincerely looking at what works and does not work. It means willing to look at other options than what you think works. It means be more effective in sharing your convictions and not so focused on feelings. In fact for collaboration to work, emotions and feelings need to be less and logic and reasoning need to be at the top. It means being humble. It means being open-minded. It means not letting compassion overrule reality. It means anger and frustration not overruling having compassion.

Collaboration actually means those frustrated about the homeless problem in Burien being more mature than those who they are trying to help (who at times are very immature). It means actually working together as mature individuals who want to find solutions.

I know it would most likely be a miracle for this to happen. But if each of us made it a goal to collaborate we would be closer to achieving that. Besides as a pastor I still believe in miracles. How about being part of a miracle?

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