Ed-Homeless Addict to Transformed Life

transformedl ifeEd-Homeless Addict to Transformed Life
This is story is about someone I know personally. I have changed their name for privacy purposes. This is a testimonial of how a homeless, law breaking, meth addict can change their life-how they can be totally transformed by a faith-based discipleship program if they truly turn their life over to God.I met Ed several years ago at the church I was attending in South King County. Someone had brought Ed to the church. He was getting off of drugs. I do not know much of the story about Ed prior to Ed coming to the church. I know he was going through a nasty divorce and that he had been involved in drugs. What I do know is he end up going through our quarterly weekend that we called Encounter with God. I and my pastor starting counseling with Ed. He was hungry to change his life. He was walking in sobriety from all drugs and alcohol. He ended up deciding to work in another State, against our recommendations.

When Ed came back to WA after completing the job in another State, he was doing well for awhile but it was obvious he still wanted to have control of his life instead of turning it over to God. Ed started going in and out of being addiction free for a few years. The last time I talked with him before he totally turned his life around he was deeply involved in meth. As far as I am concerned, and what most addicts believe, meth is one of the worse drugs there is because it literally destroys your body and robs you of your soul.

Ed became one of the homeless in Burien. I found out later he was committing all kinds of crimes in Burien. He would go to Transform Burien to eat a meal at times and try to get some kind of hope. Ed was one who refused to panhandle. But he became so desperate he started to panhandle. Amazingly a couple that lived many miles from Burien, recognized him and ‘rescued him’. They immediately took him to detox and treatment. He then spent a year in a Christian Discipleship program for addicts.

If you meet Ed you would not know that he ever was one of the law breaking, homeless meth addicts in Burien. In fact, you most likely would not recognize him. He is now helping others to get off of drugs. He now teaches classes on living a victorious life. His life has been transformed.

Feeding programs do not on their own change lives, but they can give someone hope and help them live longer to get to the point that they want their life to change. If Ed had not hit rock bottom (he lost his high paying job, lost his kids, was living on the streets, was physically barely holding unto life, mentally tormented), and had not been seen by the couple who rescued him, he would most likely died in the streets. Ed would say if there had been a Safe Injection Site he would have never hit the bottom he hit. He would not have ever received the help the couple gave him. If there was not Transform Burien he would not have had some kind of hope things could change. If he had not had the past experience of seeing how God had worked in his life, he would have never gone to a Christian Recovery program.

Will Ed relapse again? Who knows. Not if he continues working the program that has worked for him. Knowing Ed now for many years and working with multitudes of addicts I think Ed is now on the other side, the ex-addict in recovery mode. He gives all the credit to Jesus. If he ultimately goes back to addiction, it will not be God’s fault, it will be his. But in the meantime he is seeing people leaving addiction and becoming ex-addicts like him. He gives of his time and energy to help others. There are more Eds out there. Who knows unless you get to know them.

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