Addiction-Doing What is Best for the Addict: Part One

suboxone methadoneAddiction-Doing What is Best for the Addict: Part One
Everyone is talking about the major addiction problem in our community. Everyone has their own idea of what is best for society. In the midst of considering what is best for society we also need to look at what is best for addicts, since they are part of society. There are  programs that may be very good for society but they do little or actually do harm when it comes to helping individuals to be addiction free. Should not one of the number one goals in regards to the addiction program is to help individuals to become addiction free? We are going to look at two programs that may be good for society, but are they good for addicts to become addiction free? Does the opinion of ex-addicts matter? There is one program that most opiate ex-addicts do not support (Methadone treatment) if the goal is to get a person addiction free. There is another program (Suboxone treatment) that most opiate addicts believe can be very helpful but is not the ultimate solution.

Suboxone and Methadone Treatment
The use of Suboxone and Nethadone for the treatment of opioid addiction is certainly good for society in the general sense. To a large extent the societal problems associated with opiate addiction is dealt with when opiate addicts are prescribed  Suboxone and Methadone. Crime, drug paraphernalia in the streets and parks, public drug use, spread of disease, overdoses, homelessness,  is reduced. So again, Suboxone and methadone treatment can be very good for society. it can also be very good for the opiate addict. Many of the problems with opioid addiction can go away. However a person under Suboxone or Methadone treatment is not drug free. They are using a substance to be drug free. The substance does not address the mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual issues of the person’s life. In order for a person to be addiction free, there needs to be a whole-person approach to addiction treatment.  Again, the goal should not be just what is best for society but what is best for society and the addict.

Methadone can be addicting. There are multitudes of Methadone addicted addicts. Yes society overall does not see the consequences of their addiction, but many Methadone addicts become unproductive members of society because of the nature of the drug. Most never get off of methadone. Suboxone can also be addicting. Until a person is off either of these drugs they are not truly addiction free.

Suboxone vs Methadone Comparison
If a person wants to ultimately be addiction free, Suboxone in my opinion/experience is a much better option. A person doing Suboxone is less likely to get addicted to Suboxone than Methadone. Suboxone is much easier to ‘kick’. Suboxone does not have the same side effects. Suboxone can be prescribed by a medical doctor so a person does not have to go to a clinic full of addicts, many of whom are abusing the methadone that is suppose to keep them from being an addict. Suboxone is an opiate blocker so a person will not be able to get ‘high’ when using other opiates. (Many who are on methadone use it with other opiates. Thus many methadone treatment clients are actively in addiction.) Individuals are Suboxone ‘act more normal’.
For an in-depth article on these two drugs in regards to them being used for opioid addiction, click here, the article is an excellent summation.

Suboxone, Methadone, Safe Injection Sites
The goal for Suboxone and Methadone Treatment is to help reduce the societal problems of opoid addiction, but also one of the goals is to get a person to be opioid addiction free, {not as much with methadone since many have their doses increased more and more). Safe Injection Sites have very little to do with getting people addiction free. Statistics show almost no one gets addiction free by using Safe injection Sites. Just about everything associated with Safe Injection Sites are counter-intuitive to what helps individuals to become addiction free. Even with all the problems associated with Methadone Treatment in regards to someone becoming addiction free, it is much better than Safe Injection Sites. Almost all ex-addicts do not support Safe Injection Sites. Most say they would have never become addiction free if there were Safe injection Sites where they lived.

Does Suboxone and Methadone reduce societal problems caused by addiction? Absolutely! Do they lessen the problems associated with addiction for those who use them for addiction treatment? Absolutely! Can they be addicting? Absolutely! Can they be abused? Absolutely! A person is going to have much more success of becoming addiction free using Suboxone instead of Methadone. however neither drug addresses the mental, emotional, relational, or spiritual issues than addicts have in their life. Safe Injection Sites are not a solution to the opioid addiction problem. We will address Safe Injection Sites in our next article.

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