Tiny House Village-a Solution?

tiny houses homelessTiny House Village-a Solution?

In North Seattle there soon will be Seattle’s first tiny house village. The tiny houses are 120 square feet or less. Thy all have locking doors and windows, heat, insulation, and one electrical outlet. The structures were donated and the labor to build them is done by volunteers. Thus there is no cost to the city. An example that it does not take millions of dollars to come up with some solutions for the homeless situation.

So the question is, are these tiny houses part of the solution for homelessness? Do these homes fix the reason people are homeless? No. But then they are not meant to fix the cause of people being homeless. Do these homes address the issue of addiction or mental illness? Of course not.  Again that is not their purpose. Do these homes make the earlier safer where they are located? That is yet to be seen. Could these homes be thrashed by those who live in them? Yes there is the potential of this occurring.

Do These Houses Work?
Well the Low Income Housing Institute that operates this tiny village, says yes, the statistics prove they do work. They first make it clear that these houses are meant to be temporary housing. Transitional housing. Most people would have to acknowledge that transitional housing is most likely better than no housing.

So what are the statistics in the success of tiny homes managed by the Low Income Housing Institute? They have been able to transition 161 people into permanent housing, 106 have gained employment while working with case managers, and 34 have been reunited with family members. The referenced article does not state how many tiny house residents have been housed or other numbers to help know the true success of the homes. BUT, obviously there are individuals who have experience positive changes in their life.

The Low Income Housing Institute is involved in various temporary housing projects. Almost for sure they may be involved in programs that some may not see as effective or support. But the tiny house project certainly has some value in helping to get people off the street, out of tent encampments.

What Factors Help Make These Homes Successful?

  • There are those who are homeless that are hopeless. These houses give hope for people-they can transition from being homeless to having a home to stay at.
  • There are those who are the working poor that are homeless and need a private place to live to be away from all the craziness that occurs in tent encampments or shelters.
  • A homeless husband and wife are more likely to cope with the stressfulness of homelessness much better if they have their own private place even if it is very small.
  • It is a stepping stone to permanent housing-it is a step in the right direction.
  • Case management is provided to those who live in these tiny houses.

Biggest Complaint Against Tiny Houses
One of the biggest complaints against these homes is going to be the biggest complaint against anything like this. NIMBY-Not in My Back Yard. Well, which would you like to have? Homeless literally sleeping in the bushes, unofficial tent encampments overflowing with garbage, official tent cities, or cute little homes that help people. Of course they answer for many is still going to be NIMBY. Well the good news is that thus far, they are only in a few ‘backyards’ as of now, so you are safe. But resistance to these tiny homes may lead to more homeless garbage dumps raising up. Something to think about.

Article: http://www.king5.com/news/local/seattle/north-seattles-tiny-homes-homeless-village-opening-soon/427764246

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