Opportunity to Help-Brake Job

brake jobOpportunity to Help-Brake Job

Here is an opportunity for someone to not just talk about helping the homeless or working poor, but to actually do something. Helping one person at a time does Make a Difference.

make differenceFor the sake of privacy some of the details have been changed. If you can help out we will get you connected to the right people. There is a mother who has a young daughter that is currently in a motel.  (We will share more about this story at a different time.) This mother uses an older van to drive to where they work. The brakes on the van need repaired. Someone is willing to cover the cost of the parts.

What is needed is for someone to do the actual break repair or find a repair shop that will repair the brakes for free. Someone could donate money to cover the cost of repair, but funds would go further if someone did the labor for free. The money that would be spent for the labor could be used for other purposes for someone else, or to help with other needs of the family (for example gas money.)

If you know how to repair brakes or know someone who can do it for free, it would be a great way to bless this mother who is trying to start over. If you can help out contact Pastor Rich for details. 206-396-1995 or info@homelessthinktank.org

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  • This need has been met. Also, someone locally who has experience in a multitudes of realms has informed me that they are available to volunteer their time on a limited basis.

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