Homeless/Treatment Providers Meeting

Homeless/Treatment Providers Meeting

It would be great if we could get all the various providers together with Burien neighborhood citizens and businesses. Have them share about their program and they be truly open to questions from the community and not give pat answers (Hard for agencies to do.)

Have different meetings with housing providers, shelter providers, treatment providers, etc. Citizens could go to the meetings they want to go to. Videotape the meetings so individuals who cannot make it to the meetings could watch later. Information lessens fears.

(Would someone like to head up something like the above, or be part of a team to get something like this going?)

The more the public knows what is currently available the more they can be part of the solution. How? They can become less negative about some of the resources that are available if they understand the good some agencies are doing in the community. They can refer people to the variety of resources available. They can volunteer with agencies that match their philosophy. They can financially support non-profits that match their philosophy regarding solving homelessness.

I, Rich, do not have the time to add links to all the various agencies in the area that are addressing homelessness, affordable housing, addiction, mental illness, etc. It would be great if readers of this blog would post links on our Helpful Links page of agencies that you know.

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