The Story of Jim

The Story of Jim
The following is a testimonial of a life changed. For the sake of privacy the name and some of the circumstances have been changed.

Jim lived in California and was a drug addict, alcoholic, and had other serious issues. At one time he owned vehicles, boats, motorcycle, and a house. Because of his addiction he lost everything. He finally made a decision to move from California to Washington to get a new start. He made a vow to stop doing once he moved to Washington. To this day years later he has kept that vow. However, he still was a serious alcoholic.Jim moved to a city in Southeast King County. Jim ended up driving drunk and lost his license and vehicle. Jim became homeless, something he never thought would happen to him. Being homeless in the winter was devastating to him. Thankfully there was a ‘freezing nights’ program offered by Catholic Community Services. Jim could go to a church to get a meal and to sleep through the night. In the morning he would go to the library or wherever to stay warm.

Jim got introduced to AA and started going to meetings. Jim ended up moving into a christian clean & sober house. After living at the sober house for a year the rules changed to no smoking on or off premises. After some struggles Jim quit smoking. Jim has now been totally addiction free for many years.

Jim works full-time, volunteers multitudes of hours at a local church as a maintenance man, musician, doing whatever else is needed.  At his job he has received several rewards for being one of the best employees they have ever had. Jim has become transformed.

Jim by his own choices had lost everything. Jim by his choices found himself homeless. Jim had every reason to give up, but the “Freezing nights’ program gave Jim hope. The staff reminded Jim that he has value and worth as a person. They let him know he could start his life over again. “Freezing nights” was used by God to get him connected with AA. Through AA he got connected to a clean & sober house. Through living at the house he was able to get refocused and get a job. He was able to make money to pay fines so he could get his license. Through wise use of funds he was able to buy a car. Jim will never gain back all he lost. He doesn’t care. He has sobriety.

Feeding the homeless, providing clothing, offering other services, shelters, sober houses, etc. honestly does not change most of the homeless, but Jim’s life was changed. Don’t the Jim’s matter?

In our next post we will talk about a life that never changed.

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