What is the Next Step?

What is Next to Help Solve Homelessness in Burien?

So now that we have had our Introductory Meetings, what is the next step to address the homeless issue in Burien?

  • Take the Survey
    If you have not done it yet, please take our Think Tank Survey, to help us know what your concerns are regarding homelessness and what you think will help resolve the homeless problem.
    Think Tank Survey
  • Marketing
    Inform others in Burien and the surrounding areas about  Burien Homelessness Think Tank. The more others learn about this group, the more of a chance to get connected with those who work in the realm of helping the homeless. The more help there will be to help resolve the homeless problem. So please share this web site with everyone you know. www.burienhomelessthinktank.org Help us inform citizens, business owners, and government leaders about Burien Homelessness Think Tank.Help with promoting this site via social media.
  • Join the Blog
    Become a blog user so that you can share ideas and gather ideas from others. Create dialogue and build relationships with others interested in working on the homeless problem in our area. Click here to become a blog user. As a visitor you can make comments on any blog posts but you cannot write posts. As a contributor you can write posts but they must be approved (to prevent spamming). Become an author, approved by admin and you do not need to have your posts approved. Sign up for all the details.
  • Add Helpful Links and Articles to this web site
    It is our goal to provide as many resources as possible to visitors. Please help us to do this by positing links on our Helpful Links Page and posting links to articles on our Articles Page.
  • Become a Burien Homelessness Think Tank Member
    By becoming a member of the Burien Homelessness Think Tank you are saying you have a desire to get more involved working with others to work on the homeless problem in Burien.  You are willing to be a contact person. You are willing to consider being on or starting a committee to work on various issues. Click here to learn more.
  • Start a Committee
    There are multitudes of issues regarding homelessness. To come up with effective solutions, the issue of the factors and causes of homelessness need to be addressed, addiction use and addiction recovery needs to be addressed, criminal activity by the homeless needs to be addressed, the high percentage of mental illness among the homeless needs to be addressed, the high cost of housing needs to be addressed, affordable housing needs to be addressed, temporary solutions for housing needs to be addressed, how to measure success needs to be addressed. As can be seen solving the homeless problem requires much work.It would be helpful if there were individuals who would be willing to work on specific issues and get others to partner with them. If you are interested in being on a specific committee or leading out in a committee, let us know.
  • Build Rapport with the Homeless
    The homeless problem certainly will not work if the citizens of Burien do not build some kind of rapport with the homeless. Seeing them as enemies only creates more problems. It is certainly true that there are homeless individuals who most likely have a good idea what works and does not work in resolving homelessness. There is the need for individuals who will take the time to get to know some of the homeless in Burien. Is this something you are interested in? Let us know.
  • Drop-In Center
    There is a great need for a drop-in center, a place where the homeless can go to get off the streets in the day time. A place to do laundry, get cleaned up, stay away from the addiction and criminal element of the homeless population. A place where they can interact with social workers, counselors, etc. How about being part of the planning and developing of a drop-in center. Let us know if you are interested.
  • Temporary Affordable Housing
    There needs to be Temporary Affordable Housing for the homeless. Something more than shelters where they must check-in late at night and check-out early in the morning. How about being part of the planning and developing of temporary affordable housing Let us know if you are interested.
  • Administration
    We could certainly use help in regards to administering this web site, contacting interested parties regarding upcoming meetings, help with getting out flyers to businesses, building a team, etc.

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