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burien homeless think tank blogWelcome to our Burien Homelessness Think Tank Blog! It is our goal to use this blog to keep you informed of upcoming Think Tank sessions and activities and events related to homelessness, to introduce you to some of the homeless residents of Burien, to provide articles and resources regarding homelessness (and the issues related to homelessness), and to provide a forum to discuss homelessness and other issues in the Burien area. All of the above is for the purpose to help lessen the homeless problem in the Burien area. (Posts in this blog are not necessarily the opinion of those who are members of this Think Tank, they are the opinions of the blog poster. The Burien Homelessness Think Tank does not endorse, condone, or agree or disagree with posts by individuals.)

We believe that if residents (both those with residences and those that are homeless) and business owners in the Burien area will work together to find solutions to the homeless problem in Burien, that we can reduce the homeless problem. We are not under the false assumption that we can rid our community of homelessness, but we certainly believe we can take action to reduce the causes of homelessness and can reduce the amount of individuals that are homeless in the Burien area.

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Feel free to comment on any post. We only ask that you be respectful. If you have a totally different opinion than a poster, then consider writing your own article, where you can be more specific with your perspective.

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