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Crime and the Homeless

Is there crime associated with the homeless in Burien? Absolutely!! Is it everyone? Absolutely not. Are there ways to reduce crime among the homeless? Absolutely!

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Collaboration-Working Together Regarding Homelessness

What would happen if Burien residents, businesses, churches, government agencies non-profits, homeless worked together on the homelessness problem? Amazing things could happen.

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The Homeless and Police

Should it be controversial to talk about the police helping people who want help and targeting those who do not?

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Good for the Community or the Homeless?

Are unsanctioned tent cities, encampments good for society or the homeless? If not, why are citizens supporting them? Can a person be against them and be compassionate? Absolutely! Being against them is compassion.

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Homeless Resources Web Links

Homeless Resources Web Links Each of us in our community can make a difference. Sometimes it can be a small...