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Stop Homelessness in Burien

stop-homelessness-burien-donateThere are those in Burien that are very unhappy about the homeless situation in Burien. They are unhappy because of all the homeless that are ‘hanging around’ town, they are unhappy because of the homeless behavior, they are unhappy because they feel sorry for the homeless, they are unhappy because of the situations that cause people to be homeless, or they are unhappy because they realize they are not far from being homeless themselves. Regardless of the reason, most people are unhappy about the homelessness situation in Burien.

The truth is many people will do nothing about the homeless situation in Burien but grumble and complain. They have no real
compassion for those facing homelessness and who are homeless. There are others that will take action. This page is for those who want to take action to stop homelessness in Burien. Now here is the truth. There is no way to stop all homelessness.  There is no way to prevent all homelessness. BUT there is a way to STOP SOME PEOPLE FROM BECOMING HOMELESS.

The following is just one way to help stop some people from becoming homeless.

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We have good news about this situation. Instead of the owner increasing the rent by 50%, the increase will be much less for those who sign six month or year leases. Thus at this time none of the tenants will be homeless or going into a shelter. However, for a few of the families the increase will still be a hardship. Some were barely able to pay the rent they were paying before the increase. Thus any donations that are given will go towards helping these families until they are able to earn more income to cover the rent increase. Click here to see how funds are dispersed.

Apartments in Burien

An Apartment building in Burien have been purchased by a developer. The new owner is increasing the rent by 50%. Yes 50%. That comes out to $400-$500 a month increase in rent. The Apartments are not Section 8 apartments (they were at one time), but would be considered low income apartments. Imagine a family with a limited income that suddenly has a rent increase of $400. Imagine yourself suddenly having a 50% increase in rent.

The residents were given their 60-day notice in August, just before school starts again. Imagine the stress on the families. Most of them do not have the income to cover the increase in rent. Some of them have several children so it is hard for them to just get a second job. Some are working part-time and going to school. Needless to say, the suggestion of ‘just get a second job’ is not feasible for some of these families.

If families are going to move out they have less than six weeks to find a place,  come up with first, last, deposit, cover moving expenses, and almost for sure have to pay more than what they are paying now for rent. They actually have less than six weeks because they have to give their 20-day notice if moving out. Again imagine the stress and the feeling of hopelessness. If they decide to stay and pay the 50% increase they have to sign a six-month lease. That means they have to come up with funds to cover the increase within a few weeks. Again imagine the stress and feeling of hopelessness.

Some of the individuals or families because of a variety of reasons are not going to be able to pay the increase and find an affordable apartment within the six weeks. They will either be living in a car, living in a shelter, couch surfing, or be homeless on the street. They need assistance. They need a community that will step in and help them on a temporary basis. Its time for those who say they care about preventing homelessness in Burien to step in and help prevent some individuals/families from being homeless.

(The good news in the midst of this is that there are no more than 10 families that could face some bad circumstances regarding their housing. Appears it could be even less with some minor assistance.)

make difference homelessness burienYou Can Make a Difference
Shouldn’t we as Burien residents or Burien businesses do our part to help those living in the Apartments that face the greatest potential of being homeless, living in a shelter, or sleeping in their car? We can make the difference between individuals becoming homeless or not. For some of the families they need a few months of financial  help to cover the 50% increase in rent until they get a second job, some need financial help for a few months until they can find a more affordable place to live, others need assistance to cover the move-in cost for a new place (U-haul and deposit fee for a new place).

Pastor Richard Dover of Seattle Open Door Church (SODC) in Burien has made a commitment to work with Hallmark Apartment residents to determine who has the greatest immediate need. SODC has created a fund where individuals can donate to help Hallmark residents from becoming homeless or going into shelters. All funds that are donated will not be given directly to Hallmark residents, but instead will be disbursed to the entities that need to be paid.  (There are no administrative or other fees.  SODC will cover all credit card processing fees. All donations are tax-deductible.) We are asking all Hallmark Apartment residents that receive assistance to pay a portion of the rent increase or the move-in costs for another apartment. This is a hand up, not a hand out.

Imagine 10 families needing $300 in assistance for three months. Imagine 5 families needing $500 for move-in costs for another apartment. The total funds needed would be $11,500. If 115 Burien residents gave $100 each, we would be stopping homelessness in Burien for 15 families.

So how about you, what can you give to help stop homelessness in Burien? $10, $25, $100, $900 to sponsor a family for three months?
You have questions or concerns about donating? Go to our FAQ page.

If you are not comfortable donating through PayPal, you can use the SODC secure donation site.By Phone
If you feel uncomfortable donating online via credit card, you can donate via phone. Call 206-396-1995.

You may also donate via Check or Money Order
Make payment to:
Seattle Open Door Church
625 SW 149th St.
Burien, WA 98166
Memo: Apartment Assistance

As funds are disbursed we will be posting a declaration page of how funds have been disbursed for total financial accountability and disclosure. It should also be mentioned that there will be no discrimination whatsoever in regards to who obtains assistance. Also, Seattle Open Door Church will be absorbing all credit card fees so that all money donated goes to the residents.

Help Others

Once we are able to provide assistance to the Hallmark Residents that would be homeless without the help of the Burien community, we will be listing other similar situations and giving opportunities to help others that are facing homelessness in Burien. (If more funds come in than needed for the Residents facing homelessness, the additional funds will be to help others facing homelessness.)