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Yes, you can Make a Difference in regards to homelessness! The proof is the fact that you have come to this web site and have landed on this page. You came here because you are interested in making a difference. You are taking a step towards going from being frightened, disturbed, frustrated, angry, confused, etc, to actually taking a positive step of being part of the solution to the homelessness situation in the Burien neighborhood. Who knows, maybe even in the Puget Sound area. Thank You!

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Please do something to Make a Difference and become United to End Homelessness.

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We offer a variety of ways for you to become more involved in working towards ending homelessness. You can:

  • Share this web site with others:
  • Go to our Helpful Links Page to find articles, resources, and agencies regarding the homeless and share the information with others.
  • Volunteer with various organizations that are helping the homeless.
  • Become a Contributor on our blog-interact with other bloggers concerned about the homeless problem in Burien, get the ‘thinking going’, swap ideas with others.
  • Become a Member of the Burien Homelessness Think Tank. As a member, you are taking a more active role. You are able to physically interact with other members; attend planning sessions; become a member of various committees; share your concerns, insights, experiences, and your perspective regarding solutions. As a member you can help the organization go from just a Think Tank to an organization that is actively helping to solve the homeless problem in Burien.
  • Donate to help keep Burien residents from becoming homeless.

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