hope homeless

Solution-Hope for the Homeless, Example One

You want to Make a Difference? Have a meal with a homeless person. Great way to give hope which creates an atmosphere for positive change.

spiritual solutions

Stop Ignoring Spiritual Solutions

If we as a society want solutions to the addiction, homeless, mental health problems of Burien it must stop ignoring spiritual solutions that have evidenced based success.

solutions to high rent

Citizens Helping Prevent Homelessness in Burien

Burien residents have the ability to give hope to those facing homelessness or living in a shelter.

drug intervention

Testimonial-Intervention Works!

Sometimes for someone to get help to overcome an addiction in their life, they need to have an intervention-make life doing drugs more painful than the pain of change.

be passionate

Be Passionate to Make a Difference

I am absolutely passionate about helping individuals with addictions to be set free. How about you? What are you passionate about? That may point directly to what your purpose is here on earth.

solutions to high rent

Exorbitant Rent Increase-Solutions

There may not be solutions to exorbitant rent increases in Burien but we at least need to look at options.

feet on the street

Walk the Streets in Burien

Everybody is complaining about the homeless, addicts, mentally ill on the streets, in the parks, at the library in Burien. How many are willing to ministry to those on the streets?

collaboratio homelessness

Collaboration-Working Together Regarding Homelessness

What would happen if Burien residents, businesses, churches, government agencies non-profits, homeless worked together on the homelessness problem? Amazing things could happen.

sharp container

Needles in Parks, Minimal Cost Solutions: Part Three

Sharp containers are not a fix-all but they are part of the solution for needles in the park.

residents citizens

Needles in Parks, Minimal Cost Solutions: Part Four

Residents, citizens need to do what they can to take control of their community and making it safe. If that means they collect and dispose of drug paraphernalia themselves, that is what citizens do for their community.