How to Use Blog

The following are instructions on how to use the Burien-Normandy Social Group Blog.

If you would like to be notified whenever someone writes a post or makes a comment on this blog, go to our Stay Informed page.

Non-Registered User
If you have not registered as a blog user, you can cannot post on the blog. However, you can make comments. You must enter your name and email address (your email address does not show up publicly). Your comment must be approved by moderator before it is made public. You can register to be a blog user, by clicking here.

Registered Blog Users
If you are a registered Blog User, you can Log-in by clicking on the Log-In link at the top right corner of the web site. As a Blog Registered User you can make comment on posts without admin/moderator approval. You can also make posts on the blog, but your posts will need to be approved by admin/moderator before going public. If you know the admin/moderator or someone on the planning committee, you can be upgraded to an author and your posts will not need to be approved.

How to Write a Post
1. Log-in with your username and password by clicking on the Log-In link at the top right corner of the web site.
2. Click on the Dashboard link at the top left corner.
3. Hover over the ‘Posts’ link on the far left column and click on ‘Add New’.
4. Enter a title for your post.
5. Write your post.
6. Go to the right column to choose a category for your post.
7. You can enter tags for your post if you desire. Tags are topical words. When a tag is clicked on a post it reveals all blog posts related to that topical word.
8. When you are finished writing your post, Click on the ‘Publish’ button on the right column.
9. If you are a contributor, not an author, the admin/moderator will be notified and they will approve your post so that it is public.

If you have forget your password, click here.

Note: We have the posting policies that we do to prevent spam and to make sure that trolls do not create a negative environment for this blog.

P.S. If you register to become a blog user and you do not receive the email confirmation, email our blog admin.