Think Tank Goals

The Burien Homelessness Think Tank Group and web site was created to help provide a way for interaction between those who are concerned about the homeless issues in Burien and those concerned about the homeless. One of our main goals is to help reduce stereotypes; reduce ‘my way is the only way’ thinking; and to get people of diverse backgrounds, political beliefs, and experiences to find ways they can work together on the homeless problem in Burien. Let’s find the things we agree on and then take action.

The Think Tank web site was also created to provide helpful information and share resources. One of the ways of doing this is through the Think Tank Blog-individuals can share their experiences, idea, and expertise in a respectful manner to each other unlike some of the other blogs out there. So how about becoming a  Blogger on this site.

One more major goal  is to have some town hall style meetings with citizens, businesses, providers of services for the homeless, council members, police, and other government officials. Meetings where there is less spewing of hatred, antagonism, etc. so that those who participate will feel less defensive and more willing to interact with each other regarding this issue. Hopefully reduce some of the ‘us and them’ mindset. Also wanting to include some of the homeless in these meetings, getting them involved in being part of the solution.

Another goal is to provide Helpful Resource Links and Helpful Articles. Hoping the web site will be a resource for those concerned about the homeless problem or those looking for addiction and homeless service providers. (You can help us by providing  links to resources and links to articles you think would be helpful.)

We have a variety of ways that individuals can help us fulfill some of these goals. Even an hour a week can make a difference. How about becoming a member, a blogger, become a volunteer?   Let’s join together to Make a Difference.

Needless to say big goals that takes some people wanting to help fulfill these goals. How about you? Can you help?

Do you have concerns or questions. Founder Richard Dover would love to get your feedback. Give him a call at 206-396-1995.