One Person Helping the Homeless

helping homelessOne Person Helping the Homeless

One person walking the talk instead of just talking the talk can Make a Difference in the homeless problem. One person putting money to their words can Make a Difference. For the sake of privacy I am changing the details some and certainly not sharing names.

Anyone who reads the Nextdoor Forum for the Burien area is well aware of the venom that can fly at times regarding various issues. The venom comes from the left and right. From the Christian and the non-Christian. Both sides will claim to walk the higher ground, but the name calling, claiming to know the heart, claiming to be the only one that cares for Burien rhetoric just gets spewed at times.One of these times I confronted the hate and disdain that was being manifested. (There is a strong difference between have a passionate position on an issue and having strong convictions compared to being judgmental and self-righteous.) Of course some then wanted to attack me personally. Usually it comes down to attacking me for saying as a pastor. As if I lost a first amendments right when I became a pastor.

In the midst of the debate I made some suggestions of how individuals could learn how to maybe get along better. This is when something amazing happened. An individual who most likely does not agree with me on many items contacted me privately. They stated they wanted to help me to reach some homeless people and give them hope. They then told me they would donate $100 a month to go towards feeding the homeless in a personal level-me taking them out to lunch.

What is interesting is that I know that one of my giftings is to meet up with dysfunctional, wounded individuals in a personal manner and talk to them about their story and do what I can to befriend them and speak life into their life. But I don’t always have the time or the finances to have a productive non threatening meal with them. I had been praying how I could get back to doing what I did in the past. Then this gentleman contacted me with his offer. I call that answered prayer.

So the last couple of weeks I have meet with a few people. And yes some have bailed out at the last minute. Yes, some could care less about a free meal. Yes some want nothing to do with a pastor. But that is ok, isn’t it. I don’t focus on those.

I meet with one gentleman who has an outrageous anger problem but he was very respectful to me and openly shared with me and wants to meet again. That is progress. Most have written him off for years because of his behavior, thus never having any influence in his life.

The great story is about a gentleman that I have met a couple of times. Without going into details, he is now looking for work and potentially has job. He has agreed to do a Bible Study on some of the issues in his life that has cause him problems for years. He is now willing to address his addiction problem.

My wife is going to start taking some homeless women to lunch.

We oversee clean and sober houses, who knows what may happen.

All of this is taking place because of one man who does not have the time to reach out to people, but is willing to put some of his extra income towards making a difference. How about you!

You can bitch and moan (yep, a pastor said that) or you can Make a Difference, or help someone to Make a Difference. Talk is cheap. Change requires sacrifice.

Truth is the homeless and addiction problem is overwhelming and there are many more disaster stories than testimonials, but there are individuals that change.
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Homeless man in tears over the offer of a meal a day.

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  • Barbara DelGiudice
    4 years ago

    Hi, Pastor Richard. I am so happy someone wanted to help you take these folks to lunch so you could influence a life change an possibly turn around their lives! I sounds like you got one person to do this.

    2 angry men are being healed!

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