Low Income Housing for Women-Update

affordable housing for womenLow Income Housing for Women in Seatac, WA
Fairhaven House, an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church, is excited to announce that we are finalizing our lease of a house in Seatac that will be for women. Our goal is to have it functioning in the beginning of November.

At this time we have not finalized who the clientele will be other than women who need affordable housing. There are a variety of needs in our community regarding housing. Women coming out of jail or prison, women coming out of addiction treatment, women coming out of abusive situations, older women who cannot afford the higher rents in our area, young women starting out in the work force that are on their own, single mothers. We will be able to house up to 7 women but most likely will have 2) two-person rooms and 2) single person rooms.

We are working out the rental rates but it will be no more than $500 for a double occupancy room and $700 for a single person room. That includes all utilities including cable TV and Internet. There are laundry facilities on the site.

What we know for sure is that clients will need to be addiction free, including nicotine. Many of the women we would be helping are coming from institutions that do not allow smoking.Those who are coming out of addictions have a much greater success rate when they also quit smoking.

We are excited for the couple that God has brought to us to be the live-in house managers. They will do a great job.

Currently we have some critical needs and are asking help from the local community. We need volunteers who can provide labor to do repairs and remodeling of the house. (Sheet rocker, painter, possibly plumber, flooring, roofer, landscaper.) We need good working refrigerators and possibly washer and dryer. We need bookcases, night stands, lamps, dining room table and chairs, sofa, entertainment stand, etc in good shape. We need landscaping materials. At a later date we will be in need of women clothing.

We have learned in the past not to put used beds in our homes. So we could use financial assistance to help purchase mattresses and metal frames (don’t use wood frames).

Is there a way you can partner with us to Make a Difference in the lives of women in our area? If so, give us a call at 206-244-2186.

Also, because we are a non-profit, anyone that is required to do community service hours can get credit for any work they do on this project.

P.S. Fairhaven House has been providing low income sober living for over



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  • Concerns that the rent is not cheap enough and that this is not for low income individuals. Here is some info to be aware of.

    We have individuals living in our men’s home who receive $750 a month and food stamps. That is low income.

    At that income nobody whatsoever will rent to them. At that income they cannot pay any utilities either.

    Many of them have mental health and criminal records that interfere with them renting a place.

    The reason we have higher rent is because we must cover expenses of the lease and utilities whether there is one person or seven people in the house. We must also cover the cost of managers and any repairs. So some months we make a profit and some months we lose money. Our net profit is minimal and many times has been in the negative. (with just one vacancy we start lose money.)

    All expenses are covered by the rent income. If people make donations to help cover the rent for someone we then reduce their rent.

    Most houses like ours have 3-4 people in a room and make a gigantic profit. They do it for the money. Four people in a room makes more like a shelter.

    So for the rent to be lower and more affordable it takes individuals leasing their homes at a lower rate to us or people making donations to help individuals obtain lower rent.

    The good news is we have individuals who would be living in shelters or streets without Fairhaven.

  • It should also be mentioned that we are helping individuals obtain rental history, provide a safe place to live, and provide resources to help them to move ahead. We have helped several people to get off of SSI and gain full/time employment and not increase rent in them. We have helped individuals be in compliance to probation and stay out of jail. We have helped to restore families. We have people that have years of sobriety now because of our program. We offfet much more than housing. We are providing housing and resources/education/counseling to get on a path of having success in their life.

  • Individuals can make tax-deductible donations to apply towards the rent of specific residents.

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