Testimonial-Roger Inspires Colby

testimonial changed ifeTestimonial-Roger Inspires Colby
In an earlier post we wrote about Roger. The post was titled Story of Roger-Spiritual Component. It was a story of someone applying the spiritual components of recovery into their life and their life being transformed. This story is about Colby who has a similar story like Roger’s, and so many others that have been addicts-nothing but loss and destruction.

Last year Colby went to an event with myself and some other men. We spent a couple nights at the even and then did some other things. I got to spend time some productive time with Colby. He seemed overall like a guy who really wanted to get his life in order, had a sincere relationship with Jesus Christ, but it was obvious that he still had some very rough edges. But I liked him because he was real overall in spite of his flaws (we all have them). However, it was obvious he had a good talk, but his life was not totally adding up to his talk. I call those like Colby, wannabes. They want to have a certain life, want to live a certain life, but their stubbornness and rebellious spirit interferes with what they want. The addictive side of them seems to always win out. I was hoping my estimate of Colby was wrong. (I love being wrong in these type of situations.) Roger told Colby how much his life had changed because of living in one of our sober houses. Colby started exploring the idea of moving from his parent’s house to living in a sober house. He seemed very excited to it. But he ultimately decided to not do it because of a couple rules we strictly enforce. Rules that would help him to stay sober and thus be addiction free. I wish I could say I was shocked but I was not shocked, but was frustrated. We have something that can change his life, he rejects it, and most likely based upon past experience will find himself in addiction again.

Well, Colby got back into addiction, got some legal charges, and found himself right back into jail. I was happy to hear that happened to him. Why? Because he got a real good lesson of what happens when you make unhealthy decisions. Jail is a good place to be many times for addicts. Especially those who do want to change their life. It slows them down, keeps them from the addiction (those who are serious do not use the illicit drugs in jail), and they get some personal time with God. They also get to see the result if they continue in their addiction. They see all those around them who don’t want to change and they start to make a serious vow to change their life.

Colby contacted Roger and told Roger, “You know, what you are doing is working. What I am doing is not working. I see why you respect Pastor Rich so much, He helped change your life as you followed his counsel. I should have moved into the sober house. See if there is a potential I can move in?”

There is much more to the story. Will Colby’s story have a positive ending like Roger’s? Don’t know yet. It ultimately is in Colby’s hands. But this I know. He has ever opportunity to turn his life around. He has it because of feeding and clothing programs. He has it because of shelters. He has it because of sober houses. He has it because of others becoming addiction free. He has it because of consequences for his lifestyle. He has it because along his journey several individuals refused to be an enabler in his life. Thankfully his last bottom was high, not low. He would have the opportunity to totally change his life, and have the support to do it, if he was just allowed to ‘do his thing’ until he was ready to change. He most likely would have never been ready to change. No need to change. He saw hope and goodness and wanted to change. He has tasted of the ;good things’ and is wanting them more than the addict life. Over the years he has had exposure to the ‘good’. Hard for that to happen if all he is doing is shooting up with other addicts.

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