sharp container

Needles in Parks, Minimal Cost Solutions: Part Three

Sharp containers are not a fix-all but they are part of the solution for needles in the park.

residents citizens

Needles in Parks, Minimal Cost Solutions: Part Four

Residents, citizens need to do what they can to take control of their community and making it safe. If that means they collect and dispose of drug paraphernalia themselves, that is what citizens do for their community.

minister to the addict

Needles in Parks, Minimal Cost Solutions: Part Two

There is a way to actually help solve the problem of needles in public places. A way most people never think of that can actually change the lives of those doing drugs. it occurs by working together to reach out and minister to addicts and the homeless.

homeless garbage

Good for the Community or the Homeless?

Are unsanctioned tent cities, encampments good for society or the homeless? If not, why are citizens supporting them? Can a person be against them and be compassionate? Absolutely! Being against them is compassion.

needles in parks

Needles at Park, Minimal Cost Solutions: Part One

Do you want less drug paraphernalia in public places? Are you willing to do your part in solving this problem? If so there are minimal cost solutions that can actually reduce addicts on the streets and homelessness.

testimonial changed ife

Testimonial-Roger Inspires Colby

A changed life can give hope to another person. Drug addicts that have been transformed by the power of God have the greatest influence on the lives of those still struggling with addiction.

transformedl ife

Ed-Homeless Addict to Transformed Life

Through the power of God a law breaking, homeless, meth addict can be transformed.

safe injection sites

Addiction-Doing What is Best for the Addict: Part Two

What is the goal of society? To prevent addiction and to get people to a place of being addiction free? If so, Safe Injection Sites are absolutely not the answer.

suboxone methadone

Addiction-Doing What is Best for the Addict: Part One

Many times when looking at solutions to the addiction problem, there is much focus on what is best for society but not what is best for those addicted. If the addicted have not been helped to be addiction free then society has only been helped to an extent. Addicts are part of society.

addicton best for community

Addiction-Doing What is Best for the Community

Too many times when looking at the addiction issue people are looking at what is bestf or the community and not as much what is best for the addict.