Story of Roger-Spiritual Component

spiritual componentStory of Roger-Spiritual Component

The following is a story of how valuable the spiritual component can be regarding a person’s life changing for the better. I realize there are some who have a disdain for the concept of God, others have an antagonism towards Christianity or of another faith. If you are of this persuasion I would challenge you to read this post with an open mind, it will not hurt you to see another perspective.  For the sake of privacy I changed changed the  name and some of the circumstances of how I met and know Roger.Roger for years was an addict, mainly a meth addict. Roger would at times have a place to live, couch surf, and homeless. But much of his life he had a place to live-the county jail or prison. He overall fit the stereotype of a meth addict-self-centered (but in reality by his lifestyle he certainly did not love himself), a thief, in and out of jail. He certainly would be seen as a lost cause and a detriment to society. You certainly would not want him to be your neighbor or to ‘camp’ on the streets. Honestly even though I work with individuals like him, I personally without the help of Christ, would have a total disdain for someone like him.

Roger believed in a God but his life certainly did not reflect it. Whenever he would go to jail or prison he would go to church services. He was not one to go to get out of his cell, but because he did want to learn more about God and he always felt better when going to church services. He was a good inmate and whenever he would go into work release he was a good example overall. But as soon as he would get out of jail he would go back to the same lifestyle. However, at the same it was getting harder and harder to do it. Something in him really wanted something different. But he felt stuck.

Then something happened. He went to prison one more time and he finally had enough. He decided to do whatever it would take to change and he absolutely knew he needed to have a higher power in his life and it was Jesus Christ. He went all the way with God (at least what he knew at the time, which honestly was not much). He went into work release and obtained temporary housing through the DOC voucher program.

For the sake of brevity, goodness started to catch up with him. he got a full-time job, he got back with a girlfriend from years ago who had changed her life, they both moved into a sober housing arrangement, they got married, and he became much more spiritual. It is like he has been on a fast track program to change. His friends have become amazed at the transformation in his life. They want to know more about what changed him. The good news as he touches base with friends of the past he finds out that several of them also have become Christians and are living transformed lives. They are not just religious, they have a close relationship with Jesus Christ and their lifestyles reflect it. (They certainly are not perfect and like all of us, fall short.)

Roger’s life would not have changed if it were not people and government services that helped him to stay alive in spite of himself. He would not be alive today if along the way there were not glimpses of hope. Hope can take hopeless people to a place of change. He certainly would have not changed without the spiritual component. Doomsayers can question what took place in his life and the god component, but good luck at trying to convince him God is not real.

Full disclosure-as much as I absolutely believe in the God component and believe Jesus Christ is the answer, some change without any god in their life and some do not change even with God supposedly in their life. What I believe is common with all of them is they end up having hope they can change. Thus I support any services that help to give hope to the hopeless. I believe that is one of the keys to break the cycle of homelessness.

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