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Welcome to Burien Homelessness Think Tank

Burien Homelessness Think Tank is a group of Burien area residents that have made the decision to do what they can in regards to the homeless problem in the Burien area instead of doing nothing but complaining. 

You Can Make a Difference

Yes, you can Make a Difference in regards to homelessness! The proof is the fact that you have come to this web site and have landed on this page. You came here because you are interested in making a difference.

Helpful Links

We believe that the more information is made available to the general public the more the general public can use this information to help lessen homelessness. Thus we have provided helpful links to such things as homeless shelters, sober living homes, treatment facilities, and and a variety of articles on addiction, homelessness, mental health, and other topics.

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hope homeless
Solution-Hope for the Homeless, Example One
January 1, 2019   |  (0) Comments

Solution-Hope for the Homeless-Example One Having Lunch with the Homeless One way to help lessen the impact of the homeless problem is to give hope to the homeless. One way of doing this is taking the… Read More

spiritual solutions
Stop Ignoring Spiritual Solutions
December 31, 2018   |  (0) Comments

Stop Ignoring Spiritual Solutions As long as there are those who are  involved in finding solutions to the addiction, homeless, and mental illness issues in Burien and surrounding areas ignore, or have a disdain to the… Read More

no partisanship
Political Partisanship is Not Answer
December 31, 2018   |  (0) Comments

Political Partisanship is Not the Answer There will never be a solution to the addict, homeless, mental illness problem in Burien or anywhere else as long as there is political partisanship going on. As long as… Read More

helping homeless
One Person Helping the Homeless
March 1, 2018   |  (1) Comments

One Person Helping the Homeless One person walking the talk instead of just talking the talk can Make a Difference in the homeless problem. One person putting money to their words can Make a Difference. For… Read More

solutions to high rent
Citizens Helping Prevent Homelessness in Burien
March 1, 2018   |  (0) Comments

Citizens Helping Prevent Homelessness in Burien There are individuals making a dent in preventing individuals from becoming homeless. The truth is they may not be stopping a person from becoming homeless, but they are at least… Read More

drug intervention
Testimonial-Intervention Works!
October 30, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Testimonial-Intervention Works-The Story of Randall The following is a testimonial of how a drug intervention worked for an individual who lives in Burien. For privacy purpose we have change their name and some of the details.… Read More

be passionate
Be Passionate to Make a Difference
October 30, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Be Passionate Are you concerned about the homeless problem in Burien? Are you concerned about the topic of addiction? Are you concerned about the mentally ill that are not getting help? Are you concerned about needles… Read More

affordable housing for women
Low Income Housing for Women-Update
September 27, 2017   |  (3) Comments

Low Income Housing for Women in Seatac, WA Fairhaven House, an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church, is excited to announce that we are finalizing our lease of a house in Seatac that will be for… Read More

stop homelessness burien
Stop Homelessness in Burien
August 23, 2017   |  (1) Comments

Stop Homelessness in Burien There are those in Burien that are very unhappy about the homeless situation in Burien. They are unhappy because of all the homeless that are ‘hanging around’ town, they are unhappy because… Read More

addixction housing
Addiction and Housing
August 14, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Addiction and Housing It is very obvious that many people who are homeless also have addictions. Note I said many, not most. This post is not about how many homeless people are addicts or to create… Read More

solutions to high rent
Exorbitant Rent Increase-Solutions
August 14, 2017   |  (3) Comments

Exorbitant Rent Increase-Solutions In our previous post we shared that there is a specific apartment complex in Burien that is increasing rents by $400-$550 more than what they have been. That is an increase of around… Read More

exorbitant rent increases
Exorbitant Rent Increases Cause Homelessness in Burien
August 12, 2017   |  (4) Comments

Exorbitant Rent Increases Cause Homelessness in Burien One of the ways to deal with the homeless issue in Burien is to do what we can to prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless. Prevention in regards… Read More

homeless motor homes
Homeless Motor Homes
August 11, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Homeless Motor Homes Seattle-the Land of Fools This is going to be one of my more direct, in your face, posts. Why? Because I don't care to see this foolishness to take place in Burien. I… Read More

affordable housing seatac
Affordable Housing for women in Seatac
July 27, 2017   |  (4) Comments

Affordable Housing for Women in Seatac Fairhaven House is a faith-based, low income/affordable, sober housing & discipleship ministry of Seattle Open Door Church in Burien. At one time Fairhaven House had a total of five houses… Read More

feet on the street
Walk the Streets in Burien
July 17, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Walk the Streets in Burien There are homeless, addicts, mentally ill, working poor, prostitutes, drug dealers, criminals, that walk the streets of Burien. Not only walking the streets but occupying the parks, the bus stops, library,… Read More

enabling burien homeless
Enabling and the Homeless-Part One
July 12, 2017   |  (3) Comments

Enabling and the Homeless Part One Anyone living in Burien will sooner or later hear complaints about Burien enabling the homeless and addicts. Some will voice complaints about organizations that provide food/clothing/medical & dental services, stating… Read More

enabling Burien homeless
Enabling and the Homeless Part Two
July 12, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Enabling and the Homeless Part Two In our last article we mainly talked about what enabling is and why it is wrong. We talked about some groups that sometimes do more enabling than empowering. In this… Read More

enabling empowering homeless burien
Enabling and the Homeless-Part Three
July 12, 2017   |  (1) Comments

Enabling and the Homeless-Part Three Enabling or Empowering In previous articles we talked about the difference between enabling or empowering. There are many in Burien that are concerned that sometimes certain things that people do is… Read More

criminal activity homeless
Crime and the Homeless
July 10, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Crime and the Homeless Whenever the topic of homelessness is brought up, invariably the topic of crime is going to be brought up. Whenever the topic of helping the homeless is brought up the topic of… Read More

collaboratio homelessness
Collaboration-Working Together Regarding Homelessness
July 10, 2017   |  (1) Comments

Collaboration-Working Together Regarding Homelessness Coming up with solutions regarding the Burien Homeless problem. Needless to say there is a homeless problem in the small town of Burien. Needless to say it will only get worse if… Read More

think Tank Members

Note: Being a Burien Homelessness Think Tank Member does not mean the member agrees with the various articles or posts on this web site. It does not mean members of the Think Tank agree with other Think Tank members about the problems or solutions. What it does mean is that the member wants to see the homelessness situation to be addressed and want to be part of the solution to the homeless problem in the Burien area.

Here is a list of our members.

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Dean Gruver

I have been a Burien resident since 1948. graduated from Highline High School in 1966. US Navy veteran. U of W Graduate (Asian Languages and…


I have been working at  Transform Burien for 3 years now. Here is my opinion. Problems Homeless come to TB and get food several days…

Matthys van Leeuwen


Here is  letter I wrote to the Burien City Council: Dear City council members, It looks the city council is facing a real leadership test…

Doug L.


In the past I have been a UPS driver and construction worker. Because of my alcoholism I have made bad choices and spent time in…



I am a nurse-midwife, currently working at a hospital. I volunteer (bring meals) to Hospitality House, and in the past to a men's shelter in…



I have been a school psychologist for many years. I served numerous students in need, not all of them living in homeless conditions but many living…

Thomas Gudmestad


I have a 40 year career as a Firefighter/EMT and Paramedic with King County Medic One. Volunteer at Highline Food Bank and Transform Burien. My…



Experience: 20 years experience as a case manager with low income families Concerns Regarding Homeless Inefficient use of public/private funds to address homelessness. There also…

Vince O’Neill


I am a data analyst by profession and work at the Gates Foundation, where I have done some work with regional family homelessness data. Your…

Pamela Staeheli


My biggest concern regarding the homeless is the trash and the animals in the camps. I worked on rescuing over 75 cats in a green belt…

Richard D. Dover


Burien Homelessness Think Tank Richard D. Dover (Rich) is the founder of the Burien Homelessness Think Tank, and the current organizer. The Burien Homlessness Think…